Massage Services

All new clients must book an initial visit, even if you don’t have a specific problem area – we all have goals, and it is our belief that to best serve your needs as individuals. Trust us when we say that during this time of exploration together, you will find yourself feeling more confident than ever in knowing what treatment options are right for YOU!

When you book an Initial Visit with us, you will receive:

  • In-depth consultation – We want to know exactly what you need and are looking for. We go in-depth with our consultations so we can get a feel on how your body works, where the pain is coming from, and what style of massage will work best for you!
  • Preliminary bodywork – We’ll assess and provide initial relief for the area of focus. You deserve an experience that’s as strong-willed, bold, dynamic…and painless! We’re really thorough so 60 minutes is good for one area or 90 if you want to treat two areas at once. Just select how many focus points when booking your appointment with us today!
  • A game plan – A Game Plan: Think of this as a way to check out our work before you get in too deep. We’ll figure out what we think will work for your specific goals and then make it last!

Our pain relief massage sessions are specifically designed to address your entire body and the root of any areas that may be aching. Our treatments not only target the original point of involvement, but also look at other contributing factors throughout your body so you will experience relief from all symptoms involved! From there we’ll create a treatment plan just for you based on our findings with one goal in mind: easing your pain as quickly as possible!

Post-Operative Massage

Lymphatic Drainage is a therapeutic massage that helps to direct lymph fluid towards the lymph nodes. This type of light gentle touch can help those who have just had surgery as well as people feeling great and want to make sure their body is working properly after an injury or operation. The lymphatics system works with your immune system to move toxins, proteins, viruses, and dead cells quicker than if done by themselves; it also reduces pain from swelling! Lymph drainage services are sometimes requested during allergy season or post-surgery in order reduce inflammation while speeding up healing time for any injuries sustained on top of these other symptoms